Rob Bihun

A Software Professional in Birmingham, AL

I am a Software Architect in Birmingham, AL who loves developing solutions that meet a variety of business and technical needs. I have a strong interest in scalable and distributed systems, microservices, and container deployments. I do a lot of work, and research, in Domain Driven Design with Event Sourcing; designing robust applications that consolidate business logic into easier to maintain microservices.

I have gone from simple HTML/CSS/Javascript websites to building out full CI/CD delivery solutions on Azure Devops as well as Jenkins with the help of Octopus Deploy and other OSS tools. I have architected major multi-system integration solustions and improved existing processes and maintenance by building out monitoring systems using Prometheus, StatsD, Graphana.

I take pride in learning new tools and techniques and enjoy “geeking out” and talking with others about how to design solutions to problems in code.